Host A Socially Distant Street Party

A few days ago I wrote to my neighbours who live in my street to ask if they would participate in a ‘socially distant street party’. I included my number and the link to a WhatsApp group. Slowly through the day I had a number of ‘adds’ to the group and now we have a really nice sized group running to help plan the party.

The idea is simple: one person (with a decent speaker system) plays some tunes in their garden. Everyone else grabs some drinks, dresses up, gets food and enjoys a street party with music suggested by everyone involved.

A number of neighbours got involved immediately and started crafting really cool ‘pun based’ pub names to go on their front windows. This coupled with the sense of community that the WhatsApp group has created is lovely to see. I really do live in a wonderful area with some wonderful people!

The party is tomorrow night and there is a lot of excitement and people are really looking forward to it!


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