Poem | A Demon by Tyler Murphy

Portrait of a devil boy

A demon is never the same
Never the same colour
Never the same height
Never identical

A demon can do many things
They hurt
They hide
They destroy
Why can you never see a demon?

But yet people tell you where too look
A demon can take form of almost anything
What does a demon look like to you?

Do something wrong
And you will go to hell
Do something right
And you will go to heaven

But I don’t think demons are real,
at the same time the most realist of things.
A demon watches over you
Clutches to the skin on your back

A demon will feast on your fears
An angel shall grant your wishes.
The demon that holds you

Looks at you every day
And you look back.

You see you are a demon
But you are also an angel
You hold yourself back
But grant your own wishes
Life shall take you down a road

A road of life or death
But Not for you
For the angel or demon behind you.
You walk the same path
But stop at a different destination.
They’re only two roads in life
The angel or the demon.

Category: Pandemic Poems
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