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The most useful book you’ll buy during a pandemic!

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Activities For The Apocalypse is a collection of thoughts, ideas, poems and has more adult activities in it than you can shake a facemask at. It is a compendium of modern day literary genius that encapsulates the absurd time that we are living in and offers up a plethora of ridiculous, funny, thought-provoking and sometimes sombre nuggets of intellectual stupidity – and if you don’t agree, well, you’re just an uncultured simpleton.

Follow the tale of a free-falling narcissistic millennial attempting to make sense of a world that has fallen to bits over-night. Strung together with a number of swear-word filled poems and verses this book aims to inspire others creativity and encouraged adults to be adults. This is first and foremost an activity book, but it’s main intention is to entertain, educate and poke fun at the most confusing and dark thing that the world we have known has ever faced.

Get ready to imagine Llamas in your bedroom, make dick hats out of paper plates and get suffocated by your sleep paralysis demon cat. It also contains a number of drinking games and loads of ways to alleviate anxiety during lockdown, quarantine or indeed, the end of the world. Buckle up kids – It’s going to be hellish!

NB: This book is not intended for children – like for reals. My solicitors made me put this in so that I avoid jail time!

Buy this fucking book! You’ll fucking love it!

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